Life and Consciousness: Explore, Explain, Empower. Play, Learn and Grow. This Is Life Alchemy

Hi. Welcome. I’m Soren Lauritzen, explorer, guide, author, teacher and a guy with an abiding interest in figuring things out.

I want to understand how life works, who I really am, how to be happy, how to design my life so I’ll love it, and so much more.

Maybe you do, too?

If so, maybe this website can help. That’s why it’s here, that’s its raison d’être, its reason for existing. To help: you, myself, humanity. (Why be modest, eh?)

If knowledge is power then insight into yourself, others, consciousness and life itself is true empowerment. Because, boy, are we bigger and brighter than we think!

I have empowered myself, so now I want to empower you, too. Not for money or fame or whatever, but simply because it feels right, like the thing to do. Actually, for me it’s THE thing to do. (Which is weird, because I never used to know what I wanted to do, but now I do, it’s THIS!)

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You = Consciousness

You have consciousness. In fact, you are consciousness. This is important.

Why? Because everything, as far as we can tell, is consciousness. You, your dog, your kitchen table, even your boss, if you have one. Look out the window and see trees, grass, buildings, people, whatever. It’s all consciousness, even the window you’re looking through. Even the Earth and the stars, and the atoms and quarks are consciousness. Again, why is this important? Because you’re it. And it’s you.

Now, just how powerful does that make you?

There are two answers to that: 1) It makes you insignificant, just one drop of conscious ‘beingness’ in an ocean of consciousness, and 2) It makes you extremely powerful, because through your consciousness you not only have unlimited access to everything, you actually help co-create everything, most notably of course yourself, your own life and your life experience. Which answer is correct, which answer is true?

Both of them. Yep. Life is like that. Not either-or, but both-and. You’re both a small drop of conscious awareness AND an ocean of creative consciousness. The implications of this are huge. Life-changing. They changed my life, and they’re still changing it. Maybe they’ll change yours, too? For the better, I mean. That’s what this website aims to do.

“We are the cosmos made conscious and life is the means by which the universe understands itself.”
~ Brian Cox (born 1968, British particle physicist, keyboard player, researcher, professor and presenter of BBC science programmes)

Is This for You?

By now you’ve probably realized that this website isn’t for everyone.

Most People …

Lots of folks just want to go to work, get paid, get food and shelter, and get laid every once in a while. And that’s it. They don’t want much more than that. If that’s you, then this website isn’t for you. Sorry.

Some Other People …

Now, some folks want a little more than that, and so they read a few posts and articles online about spiritual and personal development. They prefer their info to be short and in list-form, with a clickbait-y title and a nice stock photo to go with it. Easy to consume, easy to forget. Because let’s face it, they don’t actually want any real change, they just want to be tickled a bit. All of which is fine. But if that’s you, then I’m sorry to say that this website isn’t for you, either.

YOU, and People Like You!

This website IS for you if want more out of your life than the everyday hum-drum of ‘normal’ conform living. If merely surviving and being tickled isn’t enough, but you want to actually feel alive; feel whole; feel like life is worth living; feel like things are finally starting to make sense.

And you’re willing to invest in it. Not a lot of money, more like time, energy and attention. And yes, you will need an attention span that’s longer than a chipmunk’s. No way around that. But that doesn’t bother you because you’re beginning to accept that there’s more to life (and living) than meets the eye, and that following the herd isn’t the way to go, not for you.

Go exploring consciousness. It just takes a bit more awareness and attentions span than a chipmunk.

So maybe it’s time to explore. To play around, learn, and grow. Maybe even teach and explain. All so you can empower yourself and others and experience things like: meaning, awe, love, freedom, joy, mystery, happiness and inner peace. Those wonderful states of being that are, as it turns out, our birthright as human beings.

Would you like that? Yes? Then you’re one of us. And if you aren’t, yet, you totally can be! All it takes is the above mentioned investments, plus curiosity, guts, authenticity, openess, love, trust, balance, awareness, letting go, and a huge, solid, unbreakable funny bone!

If you don’t have all of those yet, don’t worry. You will. Just remain curious and playful, and keep choosing conscious awareness.

When we maintain an open mind and an honest desire to understand ourselves, others, life, the universe and everything, then good things inevitably come to us, and we can create a better life for ourselves and others. And have fun doing it.

The world, life, the universe, and everything is our oyster. Or at least our playground. Let’s play!

If you can relate to all of that, then this website is definitely for you.

“There is almost a sensual longing for communion with others who have a large vision. The immense fulfillment of the friendship between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousness has a quality impossible to describe.”
~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955, French paleontologist, botanist, zoologist, geologist, priest and philosopher who conceived the idea of the Omega Point and helped develop the concept of noosphere).

The Human Condition

The human condition … I have it. Maybe you do, too. Me, I want to know more about it. That goes for knowing more about life too … since, as it turns out, we can’t live without it.

Picture quote by Soren Lauritzen: The human condition. Canoe on lake.

So, I’ve explored things, tested things and learned things. I’ve done tons of personal development. For years I’ve focused on lots of ‘self’-ish things, like self discovery, self growth, self help, self development, self empowerment and self actualization.

I’ve wept uncontrollably, laughed my heart out, laughed while crying and cried while laughing. I’ve had the most extraordinary experiences, both on inner journeys and in everyday life, and if I told you about my sex life you probably wouldn’t believe it (I might tell you anyway).

I’ve tested many self improvement techniques, done countless inner journeys while exploring consciousness, and I’ve even been changed forever by something related to spiritual enlightenment.

And now I’m here.

I am not, however, done. Not by a long shot. Hence, this website.

Not on a Quest and No Longer an Expert

I am not on a quest. It used to be that I wanted to induce consciousness in myself and as many people as possible. Not anymore. Now, I am simply having a good time while offering whatever I have to say about whatever subjects I please, and, well, that’s that.

Also, I am not trying to sell you something, or win you over to some kind of cause. I am most emphatically not trying to make you believe anything, au contraire.

How many people will tell you that (and mean it)? No marketing gurus, that’s for sure; pretty few spiritual teachers, and even fewer personal development experts. Well, I am neither. I guess I used to be, but no more. I had to give it up. Reason: I realized how little I actually know. I got myself a huge dose of humility (finally!).

How to Find Out What We Really Love – The Hard Way

Quote with picture by Soren Lauritzen: Feel free. Do what you love. Bird. Sun. Sky. I used to be a self employed teacher, guide in consciousness, life coach, speaker and author.

I’d chosen this myself, but the problem was, I didn’t know if I was doing for the money or because I liked it. And I really needed to know. Also, I was working too much.

So I quit! I simply stopped. With no plan for the future. Other than to cut my expenses down to a bare minimum, relax and see what would happen.

Was it scary? Sure. Right up until I actually did it. Then, it felt more like … necessary and interesting. And it was a lot easier than I had expected.

For a while there I relaxed (because I really needed to) and did absolutely nothing. I waited for some internal impulse to kick in. I felt sure that if I simply waited, some desire to do something would naturally arise inside me.

At some point my money ran out, of course. So I decided to find a simple little part time job that only took a minimum of my time and attention – just to make the bare minimum of money it took to survive. This is what I’m doing today.

The rest of the time I am free to do whatever I like. And lo and behold, an internal impulse to do something has kicked in!

As it turns out, exploring, questioning, figuring out, playing around and writing about it in web pages, books and other media is what I really, truly want to do. So I do it for free, just because!

I HAD to go through this process to figure out what I love so much that I do it naturally, all by myself with no external incentive. Now I know.

Sure, I’ve been thinking about setting up some possibility for people to show their appreciation, if they have any. Seems like a good idea, so I’ll probably do that. At some point in the future.

I Want … I Do

All I want is to understand …

• how life works
• how being human works
• how to design my life so that I absolutely love almost every second of it

Is that too much to ask?

Okay, so I’m not asking. I’m doing. What I am doing is this:

1) Exploring, researching and playing around with life and consciousness
2) Doing my best to understand
3) Putting that understanding into practice in my own life
4) Sharing what I learn along the way

Quote with picture: Fuchsia flower. All I Want Is to Understand ...

Those are the things that this website is about. It’s about about:

  • – seeing the really big picture in life;
  • – feeling whole, and being an authentic and empowered human being;
  • – having fun and doing what you love;
  • – consciousness, awareness, and what might end up being called a consciousness revolution.

What’s Really Important?

Recently someone asked me, “If you HAD to tell a big crowd of interested people three really important things in a short span of time, what would you tell them?”

That’s one of those questions that make you think, but I didn’t have much time for that, because the person asking me was expecting an answer. So, I came up with this:

You’ve got the power! The hype about personal empowerment is true, very true. You are actually in control of yourself, your life and, more importantly, your life experience. Realizing who you are on many levels (including the core you, your essence or soul) by personal experience is a great place to start.

Awareness, consciousness, playfulness and letting go are your greatest tools! Use them on everything, but particularly on your mindset, beliefs, identity and habits. Examine, play around with and let go of everything that you can, starting with everything that hurts and everything that limits you.

Design your life! All of it, every nook and cranny. Life design, lifestyle design or life alchemy as I like to call it (because you’ll be mixing up lots of elements to make gold, but it’s likely to blow up in your face) is possible and desirable. You’re unique, so don’t just conform and follow the herd, create the uniquely perfect life for yourself.

Life quote picture by Soren Lauritzen: Things worth remembering. Sand pattern. Of course, I’m SO over preaching stuff like that, aren’t I? No more “being an expert” for me, right?

Well, okay, maybe not quite. When cornered and forced to reply, I clearly still revert to old habits.

That’s okay, though. We can’t all be all perfect all the time, right?

So I’ll probably overdo the what-I-think-is-a-good-idea information bit every now and then, but then you can just call me out in the blog comments, okay?

Life quote picture by Soren Lauritzen: More things worth remembering. Sand pattern.Anyway, there’s very nearly almost but not quite next to very little to it: All we gotta do is be who we authentically are – and start doing it, too.  🙂

Okay, One More Time, Just for the Heck of It:
Who Is This For?

Let’s face it. You like to hear about you. We all do. So let me, just for the fun of it, kind of repeat myself, talking about you.

This website is meant for all of us who want more out of life than just the dreary daily grind.

Those of us who are …

• … tired of just conforming (or: being non-conformists) because that’s what everybody around you does and tells you to do, too

• … tired of feeling not-quite-right, like being short of meaning in your life and kinda lonely-depressed-powerless-frustrated-anxious much of the time whilst not having the time, energy, money or even attention span to do, well, anything much of anything about anything (and horror of horrors, that includes your sex life!)

• … tired of everything around you and in the world seemingly going to hell in a handbasket because of greed, short-sightedness, ego-mania and what really, really seems like a penchant for self destruction

And, finally, this website is for those of us who are also …

• … aware that consciousness is the key to everything – my life, your life, our collective experience and the future of mankind as well as the Earth herself (she’ll survive, though, no worries)

In short, this website is for those of us who believe that improved awareness and understanding plus “taking steps” can be the key to all kinds of wonderful things, including a better life … at home, in bed, at work, whilst being creative, with your family and friends, and all by your lonesome. Oh, and long term sustainability, too.

Simply put it’s about inducing consciousness in ourselves and living, loving and working on the basis of that. Never, ever, forgetting to play around and have fun all the while.

“Control of consciousness determines the quality of life.”
~ Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (born 1934, Hungarian psychologist, researcher and author known for his study of happiness, creativity and flow; in the book “Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience”)

Nothing is more important than consciousness and wholeness. Invest in learning about those. Beach. Palm tree.


Boring List of Interesting Key Words

Given all that, there’s no escaping the fact that we’re also likely to touch upon topics like:

Love, happiness, inner peace, freedom, life design (life alchemy), beauty, ecology and ecosystems, the Enneagram, reality (both relative and absolute), the meaning of life, playfulness, learning, empowerment, health, healing, energies, inspiration, reationships, love life and polyamory, sex and sex life, work and work life, bliss, business and blissness, money, fear, joy, balance, ego, soul, tantra, mindsets, beliefs, synchronicity, letting go, simple living …

… and many, many other extremely interesting subjects.

So, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Random Stuff for the Rummage Box

Of course having a geeky mind like mine means also being fascinated by knowledge for the sake of knowledge itself.

So for amusement, we’ll probably also visit all sorts of random funny facts, inspirational quotes, weird and wonderful websites, sundry sciencey things, courageously creative and crazy people, non-conformist novels, science fiction, fantasy and other fanciful flights of the imagination.

And, of course, any tech that helps us be even more geeky – like books, ebook readers, gadgets and random other vintage as well as cutting age technology.

Don’t Expect This

Things you should NOT be expecting too much of around here include (but are not limited to):

Conformity, normality, predictability, politics, religion, political correctness, sports results, not thinking for yourself, trusting so-called authority, doing as you’re told … oh, and algebra.

The exception to this rule would be the rare cases where those topics are actually funny or otherwise interesting.

In Closing …

The tagline for this website is:

Image quote: Life alchemy. Soren Lauritzen. Hummingbird clearwing moth.


Life alchemy:
to boldly explore, explain
and play around with
life and consciousness.

The question is:

Would you like to play along?


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