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Hi there. 🙂

Soren Lauritzen, your host at sorenlauritzen.com

I’m Soren Lauritzen, explorer, author, blogger, teacher, guide in consciousness, allround playful guy (playfellow?) and your host at SorenLauritzen.com.

On this particular page I’m going to use the word “I” a lot, which annoys me and might annoy you too. It’s too bad, but there’s not a lot to do about it, because hey, this is an ‘About Me’ page.

This Is Me, Right Now

I examine, explore, explain, play around, make mistakes, learn and have fun. Right here on this website and everywhere else, too. I hope to present more wisdom and amusement than mistakes here, but you never know.

I do these things and write about them for the same reason the birds sing – because that’s what I do. I sing my particular song the way only I can sing it; for no other reason than it feels like the thing to do.

I do my thing and sing my song because it feels right.


I don’t subscribe to political correctness (or the opposite), or to conformity or non-conformity, or any political, religious, moral, ethical or philosofical points of view.

I have a perspective on life, one that’s not very common (yet), but that’s a function of my own personal experiences as well as what feels right to me, not a function of what experts or authorities claim or what is common and considered “normal”.

I don’t hold a lot of beliefs anymore, because I have deliberately been identifying them, examining them and getting rid of them (by letting go of them). Good riddance, too.

Just about the only thing I subscribe to anymore is being me, authentically.


This currently means, like I said, that I like …

• playing around

• exploring and examining things for myself

• using critical thinking …

• … as well as my intuition

• making up my own mind

• doing what I like

• living the good life and

• having fun.

If asked for a piece of advice, I would suggest you do the same. It works for me.

A Renaissance Soul
Who Primarily Trusts His Own Judgement

Anyway. I am a renaissance type of guy with a voracious appetite for knowledge and understanding. In conjunction with what I just mentioned this means that I have to examine everything for myself, until I reach the point where I, myself (and not anybody else), am satisfied.

Incidentally, this also means that I have a history of being an expert, which is a really hard habit to kick. So … if (when) I sometimes end up sounding like a know-it-all, I do apologize in beforehand. I do NOT know it all. And I most emphatically don’t know anything about you and your particular life situation, so every time I use the word ‘you’ you might do well to take what I say with a grain of salt.

The Story of My Life (abridged version)

Okay. You want to know a bit more about me, right? So, let me tell you the story of my life:

Danish flag "Dannebrog" by Jacob Bøtter CC attribute share alike license• I was born (in Denmark, Europe – Denmark on Wikipedia here,
or official national site here)
• grew up
• became a crazy teenager
• got over it
• didn’t know what to do next

• took an MBA, Master of Business Administration (even if it didn’t really turn me on)
• wondered for years if MBA actually stood for Master of Boring Activities (hint: it does!)
• worked as a corporate project manager and business coach for many years
• made ‘good money’, and spent a lot, too – bought my first home
• wrote a couple of novels (published in Danish, so far only one has been translated into English)

• had some totally unexpected ‘crazy’ experiences (with healing and such)
• went on a decade-long quest to understand myself, life, the universe and everything
• tried very nearly every self improvement technique available to me at the time …
• … including pretty much anthing that had a reputation for inducing consciousness
• went on lots of inner journeys, exploring consciousness
• worked on shedding lots of old beliefs, habits and patterns
• expanded my world view considerably
• expanded my consciousness enormously

• was touched by something related to spiritual enlightenment – it changed everything for me
• felt whole for maybe the first time since I was a child – and at peace most of the time, too
• noticed that everything, everywhere is already whole, too, nothing is missing
• noticed that the ‘internal chatter’ of my mind (thoughts) had been reduced by maybe 75%
• noticed a huge ‘gap’ between what’s “normal” and that-which-is (a more absolute version of reality)
• spent several years trying to put into words what I now understood

• continued working on letting go of old beliefs, habits and patterns
• stopped working in the corporate world
• started my own business working as a life coach, or more precisely: a consciousness guide …
• … as well as writing books, teaching, doing workshops and speaking publicly
• started making websites, calling myself the Personal Development Guy (that site still exists)
• I also blew off steam at a site called Smartass Self Help (I took that site down)
• … as well as at another one called Quotescoop (that site also still exists)


Money - tower of 500 euro bills

• finally got FED UP with the constant focus on earning money, working and getting stressed
• so STOPPED! Just stopped, and …
• closed down my businesses
• sold my home
• cut down on expenses
• cut down on almost everything else, too
• stopped doing personal development, self help, self improvement and suchlike pandemonium
• took a long break … and slept a lot
• felt immense relief
• was surprised to discover that in stopping, cutting down, de-stressing and relaxing I had created ‘a simple life‘ for myself, something I would never have thought I’d be interested in
• was even more surprised to discover that I loved the simple life

• realized that my whole life I’d been trying to live up to what (I thought) others were expecting of me …
• … and that included the time when I was self-employed (which surprised me)
• noticed that I could (still) see that-which-is and (still) had internal ‘wholeness’ inside myself, so …
• … decided I wanted a new life based on (external) ‘wholeness’ in the rest of my life, too
• considered calling it ‘wholeness in practice’, but ended up calling it ‘life alchemy’
• rebooted my life, starting from near scratch – maybe this time I’ll get it right!
• am now earning only what little I need …
• … whilst spending most of my time doing what I love for free, including …
• writing about it here on sorenlauritzen.com (and in books and other media)

So here I am. A free man intent on living a good life – according to my own definition. Not conformist or even non-conformist, but fully authentic.

Okay. Right. There, that wasn’t so bad.

You may have been thoroughly bored reading it, as was I at some stages along the way while living it (particularly while working in the corporate world), but I did manage to squeeze it down into less than a page. So at least I am satisfied. If you’re not, you can quit while you’re ahead, or just read on in the vain hope that it gets a bit more amusing further down.

Reading on, huh? Okay, then, what else do you want to know?

More Fun Facts about Soren

My favourite color?

Rainbow colors like flames on black - ribbon banner

Don’t have one. Some days I’m attracted to some colors, other days, other colors. I like dolphins, though. They’re kind of grey.

I also like cats and dogs. They can be many different colors. Here’s a video of a cat playing with dolphins:

Is this a closeup of a ripe banana or a cheetah?

I like bananas, too. They can actually look a bit like a big cat, like a cheetah, when they’re ripe, but that’s just one of the reasons why I like them.

I also like squirrels and trees, no matter what color. And pretty much anything that’s alive. Even spiders.

Okay, spiders are kind of ugly, and some of them are poisonous, but so are some humans. And at least spiders eat mosquitoes, which is more than the poisonous humans do.

So, yeah, not too keen on mosquitoes. I accept them and they have a right to be here just like the rest of us, but I prefer them to be somewhere I am not. If they do decide to be where I am, I reserve the right to smack them. So nope, I’m not fully enlightened yet, so sue me.

But back to the things I like.

Drawing of fountain pen and red love heart: I love writing

In case you haven’t noticed yet I like writing. I looove writing.

And exploring, experimenting, and playing around and having fun.

Occasionally I (still) like public speaking, or being in charge of a workshop, or playing at being a teacher, or guiding people (in consciousness).

I also like creating an even better life for myself – life design, life alchemy – it’s surprisingly good fun.

Mostly, though, I like being me, exploring, playing and writing.

Dolphin jumping in the sunsetOh, and sunshine, I love sunshine. Too bad there’s so little of it here in Denmark, where I live.

But now that I have most of my time to myself I make it a point to go outside when the sun’s out. I SO missed being able to do that when I worked in the corporate world.

But now I can do it whenever I want, ha!


Now you know everything there is to know about me.


Juuust One More Fun Fact about Soren

Oh yeah, there’s one more thing:

Today I see myself, you and all of life as a unified whole.

In fact, what I see is one self-contained wholeness (like an ecosystem) inside another, inside anoter, and so on … apparently into infinity and right back again. Is that weird?

Here’s how weird it is … are you ready for a look inside my head? (Brace yourself).

A Look Inside Soren’s Head

I sort of see a really, really (really!) big circle of all these small and gradually larger and larger self-contained ‘wholenesses’ (again: sort of like ecosystems).

The circle starts (and ends) at the sub-subatomic level which is like an infinite field. Self-contained, of course.

The Infinite Field

This field, which some people call the quantum essence, is everywhere, always. Which makes it very interesting, because it means that it’s both very, very, very small AND very, very, very big. It is, in fact, simultaneously the smallest AND the biggest thing anywhere, ever.

This infinite field is the field of endless possibilities, both manifest (like particles, bananas, humans, dolphins and galaxies) and not-yet manifest.

This field doesn’t just have unlimited consciousness and intelligence (and humor), it IS unlimited consciousness and intelligence (and humor) … and it is everything else too. “Everything else too” includes lots of highly improbable and downright impossible things which may or may not exist, have existed or come to exist, at some point, in some universe, somewhere.

It’s quite a field.

Itsy-bitsy Teeny-Tiny Things

Anyways, nothing is smaller (or bigger) that this infinite field, so looking at the smallness of it, this field, the quantum essence, exists inside quarks.

Quarks are the smallest particles we currently know of. (This does not, of course, mean there aren’t some even smaller particles down there, before we get down to the infinite field).

Pinwheel galaxy M101 in Ursa Major by NASA and ESAThe quarks exist inside the protons, neutrons and electrons …
… which exist inside the the atoms …
… which are inside molecules …
… which are inside cells …
… which are inside organs …
… which are inside … and so on up to …
… solar systems …
… galaxies …
… galaxy clusters (which are galaxies of galaxies, a.k.a. super galaxies) and …
superclusters (which are large groups of galaxy clusters – i.e. galaxies of galaxies of galaxies a.k.a. super-super galaxies- and pretty much the biggest things in the physical cosmos – that we know of right now).

If there are super-superclusters and super-super-superclusters, and so on … which there might very well be … it hardly matters, because most of our minds have already been blown one, two or even several sentences ago.

But beyond all that bigness – meaning inside all that bigness AND outside all that bigness – lies the infinite field, the quantum essence.

And so the circle, from the smallest to the biggest and back to the smallest, is complete. Inside my head, and now perhaps also inside yours. Good luck with that.

That’s What’s Inside Soren’s Head

Aaaanyway. This way of looking at life, the universe and everything is an effect of personal development and of being touched by that thing related to spiritual enlightenment I mentioned. It kind of affects everything I do.

I told you it was weird.

The end. Yep, that’s it. Finally.

Thanks for reading. Hope you find something a little more useful somewhere else on this website. 🙂

Your host

Soren Lauritzen


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