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Hi there, and welcome to the page that tries to tell you what SorenLauritzen.com is all about.  🙂

The answer to that is easy: It’s about being human.

Of course, being human is easy, too. Anyone can do it. So I guess we’ll have to add some qualifiers to that statement:

This website is about being human and …

– loving it
– feeling whole, free, happy, loving, at peace, and experiencing meaning
– playfully expanding our consciousness and our understanding of ourselves and of life itself
– consciously creating what we prefer and desire, both inside ourselves and in our lives (life alchemy)

Picture quote by Soren Lauritzen: Let's love being alive and make life awesome!

If we can’t love being alive, what’s the point of it?

I mean, sure, we each have only a few scant years on planet Earth, so the suffering need not take long … but hey, why suffer at all?

Why not make those few years on this green and blue planet really, really cool, and wonderful, and altogether awesome?

So. To do that, to make our lives awesome, to consciously create our best life ever, what does it take?



How to Make Our Lives Awesome?

There are (at least) two answers to that question. One provided mostly by our ego, and one provided mostly by our essence or soul.

The difference is, one is complicated but fairly easy to understand (the ego’s answer), and the other one is simple but somewhat harder to comprehend (the soul’s answer). Let’s start with the simple one, the one that’s not so easy to fully comprehend:

The Soul’s Answer

To make our lives awesome we need to experience that-which-is (absolute reality). This includes that-which-is-us and that-which-is life.

So all you have to do is be who you truly are, live your life as yourself, and experience life as it really is.

That’s all.

Now, absolute reality (that-which-is) is most emphatically NOT the same as what 95% of humans alive today consider reality. What most people consider reality is relative reality, or personal reality, also called the ego’s reality, and nine times out of ten THAT is a reciepe for a lot of fear, loneliness, confusion and conflict. Not all the time, hopefully, but too much of the time.

Life as it really is does not distinguish between you, me and others. It does not distinguish between good and evil, or boring and interesting, or stupid and smart, or conservative or liberal, or any other perceived dichotomy. It contains all that, it accepts all that, it loves all that without reservation.

Life as it really is simply IS. Just like you and me – we aren’t good or evil, stupid or smart, we simply ARE.

When you see yourself, other people, life, the universe and everything the way everything actually IS then … everything changes. For the better. Much, much, MUCH better!

The Soul’s answer is simple, really. But sooo hard to comprehend, because THAT’S NOT WHAT WE’RE DOING, that’s not what our parents did, nor anyone around us, and we don’t understand what to be or do to ‘make it so’ (as Captain Picard in Star Trek would have said).

By experiencing absolute reality (that-which-is-us and that-which-is life) we make our lives awesome.

The Ego’s Answer

To make our lives awesome we need to figure out:

… which elements we humans consist of (like ego, essence/soul, physical body, energies, free will, beliefs, etc. etc.) and …

… which elements our lives consist of (like work life, private live, love life, sex life, family life, life as a whole, etc.).

Then we have figure out the relationships between them and the rules that govern these elements and relationships.

Then we need to discover how we can influence the results we’re getting.

And then we have to decide what we want and don’t want.

And THEN we have to be or do whatever it takes to achieve the results we desire.

Not quick, not easy, not simple. But it makes sense, right? It’s logical. And it CAN be a lot of fun, if you’re into figuring things out, exploring and experimenting. (Which, happily, I am).

SorenLauritzen.com’s Answer

… is a mix between the two answers above.

Personally, I am partial to the soul’s answer, because it’s so simple and clear and it works better than anything else, but I do have an ego, a pretty strong one at that, and I need to work with that – I suspect that it’s like that for many or most people.

So that’s how this website is going to work: the simplicity and clarity of the soul’s answer makes it the best one, and the one that all answers get measured against, but the ego’s complicated, detailed approach has merits, too, since we all have egos we have to live and work with.

This mixed approach between the soul’s and the ego’s answers is what I call life alchemy. We want to understand enough to create our best life ever. And like the alchemists of old we have lots to explore, explain and play around with.

The (Apparent) Gap Between Realtive Reality and That-Which-IS

As many mystics and everyday spiritual seekers will agree, it seems like there is this huge gap between

1) our “normal” everyday state of consciousness plus our “normal” everyday lives in general
2) the apparently ideal state of authentic consciousness and authentic way of living that flows naturally from the soul or essence.

We can thank our egos for that, of course. There is no actual gap, we just perceive one because we’re perceiving primarily through our egos. But that’s the situation right now, so that’s what we have to work with. Bridging the consciousness gap, you might call it.

By the way, I’m not one of those people who advocate “the extermination of the ego”. I don’t consider that idea any more helpful than an idea about “extermination of the physical body”. We have a physical body and we have an ego, they’re both there for a reason, and neither one is going away any time soon (hopefully). So we might as well make the best of our situation and love the body and love the ego for what they are. They have a lot to contribute, as does every single part of the wholeness that is each of us.

I Overuse the Word ‘Wholeness’

By the way, I use the word ‘wholeness’ a lot (in different ways, including some not-quite-gramatically-correct ones), because it’s important – and all-pervasive. There isn’t anything in existence that isn’t actually ‘a wholeness’ – from the smallest to the biggest. That also includes, you, me, everybody and everything else, including life itself (that’s a really big one).


Another word I use a lot is consciousness. The reason being that consciousness is just as important and all-pervasive as wholeness. Consciousness is everywhere: in you, me, life, the universe and everything. One might even go so far as to say that consciousness is what everything is made of, though THAT might actually be a quantum field of energy which is everywhere, all the time, and which just happens to be conscious.

Consciousness Revolution

And now that we’re at it let me mention that I occasionally talk about a consciousness revolution.

Picture quote by Soren Lauritzen: We humans are becoming more aware of that-which-is. It's a consciousness revolution, a paradigm shift.That is basically just us humans on a collective level becoming a bit more aware of that-which-is (reality in one of its more absolute aspects).

Put like that it doesn’t sound like much, but it’s actually kind of a big deal.

It’s a paradigm shift, and a big one at that. It will change everything, or to be exact: it is already happening and changing everything. Hence the words consciousness revolution.

The trouble is, we’re right smack in the middle of (the beginning of) this consciousness revolution right now, so we can’t see the forest for all those pesky trees.

But dig into the subjects of mysticism and quantum mechanics to see what I mean. Or, you know, just read more right here, on this website.

The Power of Play

Philosophically I’m very biased towards … play. Yes, play. Entertaining experimentation. Trying things out, testing things, having fun. Playing around is a philosophy for me. Why?

Because I think it’s a good idea. It’s a lot of fun; we never know what will happen next, so we stay mentally sharp, aware and rooted in the present; we get to make up our own rules or have no rules at all; we make lots of “mistakes” and learn an incredible amount along the way. In fact, when it comes to learning no better method than play even exists. Just look at kids – they have the most to learn and they do it by playing.

More power to the power of play!

A Decade of Personal Development – Time Well Spent or Wasted?

Ever since I gave up pretending to be “normal” and trying to live a “normal”, boring, empty, frustrating, depressing and conformist life, I’ve been doing more personal development and self improvement than most people do in their entire life.

Was that more than a decade well spent? In the end I have to say yes, because I like the result, but seriously, folks, you can get to where I am a lot faster than a decade. All you need are a few pointers, the RIGHT type of pointers, which is what this website is all about.

I have no way of knowing which pointers will make a difference for you, so I’ll just mention any and all that spring to mind and let you separate what you consider wheat from what you consider chaff.

Here’s an example …

Letting Go

In my quest for self discovery, self development and personal empowerment I was surprised to find that at a certain point – the one where what I was doing actually started to work – personal development turns into (non-religious) spirituality. Not by adding new information or know-how, but by letting go.

Picture quote by Soren Lauritzen: In personal development and spirituality start letting go (of everything) works best of all.

I let go again, and again, and again. Of this, and that, and everything I possibly could.

When we do that, when we keep letting go of everything, what happens at some point is this:

We suddenly reach our default level, our natural state.

Which is a grrrreat state of being!

It is a state of wholeness, happiness and empowerment, which is surprising, because when we feel bad, we keep thinking that something is missing, that we need to add something to feel whole.

Actually it’s the other way around!

We need to remove a lot of old crud. More about that throughout the website.


Absolute Truth: A Red Herring – or a Different Fish Altogether?

Also, seemingly weird to some people, I talk about truth, love and reality as if they were a sliding scale from relative to absolute. That’s because they are.

Red herring by Uwe Kils and a different fish.

This means that no, not everything is relative, as the expression goes and as many of us have been led to believe. There is actually such a thing as absolute (which contains everything relative).

Of course understanding or even talking about absolute truth, absolute reality and unconditional love is kind of difficult, because our language is specifically designed to describe the relative world, and thus our language doesn’t do well at all when describing that-which-is (truth, reality and love in their more absolute versions).

This is normally not a problem beacause most of us live in a very relative reality anyway. In many of these wildly different personal realities there’s good and bad, heroes and villains and all that sort of stuff. You know, like in the fairy tales or in fiction. Which is appropriate because the more relative your reality is, the more fictional it is, too. A very relative reality is only very relatively real, i.e. not very real at all.

This particular language barrier (which has nothing to do with not being a native English speaker) has been – and still is – one of the greatest challenges I face. How to use relative language to express something less relative? Or, to put it bluntly: How to use the language of unreality to express something more real?

In my mind’s ear I now hear some good folks exclaim, “Wait a minute, now wait just a goddam minute … are you saying that our reality is unreal and that you know better?”

Sure. That’s what I’m saying, pretty much, except for the “I know better” part, which I’d replace with “I know differently.” Let me put it this way:

IF you’re not experiencing contentment, inner peace, freedom, love and joy for no particular reason much of the time, THEN there’s a gap between YOUR reality and a more absolute and true version of reality.

It’s really that simple. Love it or hate it, agree or disagree as you please.

What Do I Know? Not a Lot!

I may seem like a know-it-all, but what do I really know? Not that much. I don’t know anything about you. I don’t even know anything about how all the things I say relate to you, or even if they relate to you.

What I do know better than most, perhaps, is how little I actually know. At some point, fairly recently, I got myself a huge dose of humility, because for some reason I was suddenly able to look at myself, other people and the world and ask “What do I really – really – know?”. My answer was that I know something about myself, and that’s it. I may THINK I know something about life as a whole and how things work, but I may be wrong.

Picture quote by Soren Lauritzen: What I do know better than most, perhaps, is how little I actually know.

This resulted in a long period of me not being able to write anymore, because I didn’t want to write something that wasn’t true (excluding actual fiction), and how should I know what’s true for you? Or indeed anybody other than myself?

Nevertheless, by keeping my focus firmly inside myself (mostly), I now write again. About anything that catches my interest or takes my fancy, but primarily about being human and life as it relates to us humans, most notably myself.

Being human is a big subject, and life is doubly so, but that just makes it all the more interesting and fun.

And Now, a Little Too Late: A Fair Warning

Finally, I want to give you fair warning:

I share whatever I decide is worth sharing – in whatever way I feel might be useful and fun. If you don’t like it, or find it strange, or incomprehensible, or offensive, or whatever, that’s fine, because I don’t need anybody’s approval or disapproval. You’re even welcome to share your point of view in the comments, as long as you play nice. (If you don’t play nice I’ll delete your comment without a second thought).

If you want to try and stick a label on me or this website, feel free. Here’s a bunch to choose from: conformist or non-conformist, interesting or boring, useful or useless, playful or serious, helpful or not helpful, clever/smart/intelligent or naive/stupid/unintelligent, spiritual or unspiritual, religious/pan-religious or non-religious/irreligious/agnostic/atheist, enlightened or non-enlightened, political or non-political, politically correct or not politically correct, funny or unamusing, wise or obtuse, normal or weird. I and this website are probably all of them, anyway, and a lot more, too.

Yep. That’s it. That’s what this website is about. Thanks for reading and have fun!

Your host

Soren Lauritzen

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