Consciousness Explained, part 1:
Our Daily Reality Revealed as Virtual and Fictional

Warning: This text is heavy duty and might be incomprehensible or dangerous to your current paradigm. Image: Green art nouveau laurel wreath.

First off, a warning: This particular text isn’t for everybody. It’s not entry-level stuff, nor is it even mid-level stuff. It concerns huge subjects and presents some fairly mind-boggling concepts (in what is hopefully an easy-to-read way). It is also very long and fairly concentrated. (Actually, it got so long that I split it into three parts … this is part 1; you can find the second part here, and the third part here).

These three texts share the first part of their headline which is “consciousness explained”, and they are about subjects such as: what is reality (reality revealed), reality creation, who are we (really), life, the universe and everything … yep, that kind of thing. Ergo, these texts are meant for people who are serious about understanding themselves, the world and life as a whole. These are texts for people who put conscious awareness and understanding the big picture first, and who don’t care if they have to tear down their present world view, as long as they get closer to the truth of how things really are.

One final piece of advice: You MAY want to read these texts several times. Or, you may want to quick-read it all and then re-read bits of it over a period of time instead of reading it in-depth all at once. Simply because it takes some getting used to.

Well. You have been warned (amply). Still reading? Okay, here we go:

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Your life is largely made-up. Fictional. Virtual. So is mine.

It’s true. Both mystics and quantum physicists agree. It has to do with the nature of our reality and who we actually are.

Indeed, not just our world and reality but even our identities are mostly made-up and fictional. Who we believe ourselves to be is mostly pretense, and anyway it’s just a tiny part of who we actually are.

The Truth Shall Seem Annoying

Look, most of us have struggled pretty hard for a long time to understand how things are and to create the identity and the life we have today, and a lot of us are still struggling. It’s no fun, at first, to realize that most of it is virtual and fictional, and I bet it’s pretty annoying to be told, like I’m telling you now:

Our daily reality is make-believe. On a subatomic level our world is a kind of virtual reality and on a psychological level our daily lives are a kind of fantasy. As are our identities.

All in all it’s a lot like we’re living in a novel, or a movie, or a virtual reality, or a computer game – written, directed and narrated by ourselves.

Nearly everyone is doing this, and our stories interact, so you’re the star in your own movie, but a supporting actor in other people’s movies – and vice versa. Only, we’re not aware of it. We think it’s real.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy 🙂

But don’t worry, don’t let it annoy you, because once you realize that all of the above is true, or even begin to consider that there MIGHT be some truth to it, that piece of information is actually great news.

Not only can this knowledge help you raise your consciousness – a lot – and rid yourself of almost all your fear, but it actually has the potential to set you free, more free than you’ve ever been. As well as make you (much) more carefree, relaxed and happy. And empowered, let’s not forget. Enormously empowered.

The point is to … slowly, slowly … begin to realize the nature of our reality. (And of who we are).

The Truth Shall Set You Free

I’m not saying that what I’m presenting here is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth …

If you're not happy, free and at peace, maybe it's time for a change of your world view, beliefs and chosen identity.

I’m just saying that it’s MORE true than what we’ve been taught to think and believe up until now.

Because let’s be honest:

What you thought you knew and whatever you’ve believed up until now hasn’t made you happy, has it?

It hasn’t given you the inner peace, wholeness, fulfillment and meaning that it ought to.

It should have enabled you to live a totally satisfying life full of love, freedom, fun, inner peace and meaning.

But it hasn’t.

So for that to change for the better, it stands to reason that something, somewhere in your life has to change – somehow.

And, as mentioned, that “something” is your current world view, beliefs and chosen identity.

As for the “how” that change is to happen, well, that’s up to you, but if you choose to scrap the old stuff (world view, beliefs and chosen identity) and simply be open to new, bigger and better possibilities, that choice will take you a long way.

Quick Overview

Given the subject matter, this text can potentially fill a book, a big one. That’s not my purpose here. I just want to introduce you to some things, briefly. We can look more deeply at each of them in their own separate articles – or maybe even in a book – later.

Feel Free to Verify Everything Yourself

In a moment I’m going to make some statements. Seven, to be exact. (And each one will be a link). You can verify each statement yourself. You can do so in (at least) one of two ways:

– the easy way, by going on inner journeys and experiencing things for yourself
– the hard way, by spending a lot of time and effort at becoming an expert in quantum physics

Personally, I suggest the easy way. It’s the way I myself chose.

Feeling Provoked Is Useful

By the way, you may find the following statements, or some of them, provoking. This is good, because every time you experience a feeling of provocation this tells you that in that particular area (where you feel provoked) you can benefit from expanding your perspective, your view of life, the universe and everything.

All-righty, then. Let’s look into the nature of our reality. Not in-depth, just enough to realize a few things.

Seven Good-to-Know Things about Reality and Consciousness

1. Physical reality isn’t

2. Consciousness is everything, everywhere, at all times, in all dimensions

3. Consciousness is primary (the creator), physical stuff is secondary (the created)

4. Consciousness is multi-layered, multi-dimensional and multi-creative with infinite potential

5. Realities = that which is experienced

6. Consciousness = reality (that-which-is) AND infinite realities (plural)

7. We can change our reality and (life) experience by choice

Let’s look briefly at each of these seven points.

(1.) Physical Reality Isn’t!

Physical reality is not all that physical, and it’s not all that real. But it IS consciousness.

How Physical Is Physical?

Modern physics tells us that what we perceive as solid physical matter is actually vibrating clouds of tiny subatomic particles (see e.g. this article, particularly the very last line in the article, because it has since (in 2012) been proven that virtual Higgs bosons DO exist), and even those subatomic particles aren’t actually there, because not only are they AS much waves as they are particles (wave-particle duality), and not only does their particle form seem to consist of 99.9% empty space, but for the most part they are also VIRTUAL (constantly popping in and out of existence).

Physical reality is actually a virtual reality. Image: Art nouveau frame by Alphonse Mucha.

So our physical reality isn’t actually there, it’s virtual. This is one of the implications of quantum physics, and incidentally it’s also what sages, mystics and spiritually enlightened people have been telling us for thousands of years. Even if “virtual” isn’t the word they’ve been using, but rather they’ve been calling our physical reality an illusion. Which is the same thing.

If you prefer, you could even call this virtual reality (physical reality) a total immersion game.

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”
~ Albert Einstein (1879-1955), German-born theoretical physicist, professor and Nobel Prize laureate, developer of the theory of relativity – his work was also crucial to the evolution of quantum theory.


Well, for one thing we don’t need to take everything quite so seriously. We can relax a bit. Be playful. No need to fear physical death, for example.

Why? Because a) it’s just a game of sorts and b) We humans, meaning the real us, are not just HERE in physical reality, we’re somewhere else, too, and simply participating in the virtual reality of the physical world with a part of ourselves. Just as would be the case if you as a human being participated in a computer-based virtual reality game. Part of you would be in the game, but another part would be outside the game.

Also, we can realize that:

What matters in life are the experiences we have. Image: Art nouveau drawing of a woman with flowers by Alphonse Mucha.

It’s the experience that matters, not how real it is, or even how we get it.

This is good to know.

If more people realized this it would change the way they behaved. For the better.

No more chasing after the fairy gold of fame and fortune, because hey, that isn’t a very nice experience; and it’s all just virtual anyway.

Instead of instead those futile, time-wasting endeavors, people would have a steadfast focus on whether or not they were having a good life experience. And what constitutes that?

Well, experiencing love, inner peace and happiness, for example. Or creativity, meaning and wholeness. Or authenticity, playfulness and freedom. All of which are all internal states of being, a.k.a. REAL experiences – miles away from anything external (and virtual).

What would that do to our world?

It doesn’t take fortune teller, a psychic, or a genius to realize that this would do wonders for all of us – AND our environment.

However, even if what matters is the experience and not whether or not we live in a virtual world, it does of course pay off to KNOW the situation (type of reality) you’re in and what the principles that govern this type of reality are. Which is one of the reasons why it’s worth reading this article.

The Omnipresent Quantum Field

Modern physics also tells us, that at the most basic level, there is an omnipresent quantum field (which you can also read about here at Wikipedia and in a partial and highly simplified form here).

This quantum field, which underlies everything including all physical matter (hence: omnipresent), is directly influenced by consciousness, most notably intention.

That’s fairly interesting!

First conclusion? Just read the next headline …

(2.) Consciousness Is Everything, Everywhere, at All Times, in All Dimensions

That omnipresent quantum field is particularly interesting, because science may (will probably) soon decide that the quantum field actually IS consciousness (which would officially make consciousness omnipresent).

But leaving the hard sciences behind and moving to what you can verify for yourself by going on inner journeys (in consciousness) we come to this fact:

You and I don’t just HAVE consciousness, we ARE consciousness, and so is everything else.

Yes, this means that your pet, and your plants, and a mountain, and even the planet Earth and the Sun both HAVE and ARE consciousness.

You, me and a tree. It's all consciousness. Image: Art nouveau drawing of female with a flower by Alphonse Mucha.

If you want, you can go on an inner journey and have the experience of BEING a dog, or a mountain, or even a planet. Or indeed anything else.

(If you don’t want to actually do it yourself (yet) but would like to read about it, try e.g. books by Stanislav Grof, maybe this one, or this one).

These experiences are possible precisely because inner journeys are “travels” in consciousness, and there isn’t anything which is not consciousness.

Or, differently put, when exploring your consciousness, you can experience anything and everything everywhere, because it’s all consciousness.

Isn’t that great? I certainly think it is.

But wait, there’s more.


Sages, mystics, psychonauts and spiritually enlightened people have been telling us since the dawn of time that all is one, we are all one, and everything is whole and as it should be. This has also been called non duality or nondualism.

Generally speaking, most of us haven’t had a clue what they were talking about. But now we know. They were talking about consciousness. Which is us.

Consciousness … being everything, everywhere, everywhen, in all dimensions … is whole.

We humans, being consciousness, are whole, too.

Everything, being consciousness, is whole.

It’s really nice, eh? And very contrary to what we’ve been brought up to think and believe.

Our Current Belief in Non-Wholeness

If you make your own subconscious beliefs conscious and examine them (a powerful and highly useful process), odds are that you will notice beliefs such as:

– “There is something wrong … with me and with life”
– “Life is a dangerous struggle … and physical death is to be feared”
– “There’s not enough”
– “I’m not important”
– “I’m not good enough”

Those beliefs are all bullshit! Yep. And that’s actually putting it mildly. They’re damaging you, others and our ecosystems, and overall just ruining everyone’s experience of life.

The above beliefs are all based on one basic belief in non-wholeness, which goes something like this:

– “I am separate from life and not part of the whole, meaning that there is “me” here … and you as well as everything else over there, and also meaning that neither I myself nor life is whole”

This one, basic belief in non-wholeness is actually the most crappy one of all. It is also “the one belief to rule them all”. Or, differently put:

The belief in non-wholeness or separation from life is the mother of all beliefs. It’s where we went wrong, originally.

Get rid of that one belief, and it’ll be easy to let go of all the other meaningless, damaging beliefs (all the many, many negative daughter-beliefs we all hold) as well.

When you do, you’ll realize how things really are:

Life is whole. You are whole. There is nothing missing, nothing wrong with you or with life, and physical death is not to be feared, because it’s just a shift in consciousness.

That’s the truth. Or as close to the truth as I am currently able to put it.

We are whole. Image: the plume of a plant in the setting sun.


“A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe; a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts, and his feelings as something separate from the rest – a kind of optical delusion of consciousness.”
~ Albert Einstein

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