What Is “The Final Frontier” – Really?
Let’s Explore Consciousness on Inner Journeys!

Do you know what this is:

“Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.”

The M81 Holberg-9 galaxy in Ursa Major photographed by NASA and ESA

If you’re into science fiction, you probably know that the text just above is from the narration at the beginning of the TV-series Star Trek. One part of that quote (“To boldly go …”) is so famous it has become a snowclone, so you don’t have to be into science fiction – or even to know what Star Trek is – to have encountered it.

Well, I’m into science fiction, but I question the statement that space is the final frontier. Unless, of course, you’re ALSO talking about inner space – consciousness. As it turns out, though, inner and outer space are probably one and the same thing, because cutting edge physics is now reaching the same conclusion that mystics have been reaching for millennia:

Everything is consciousness.

(Okay, a quantum physicist might put it differently and state something like: “We theorize that at the subatomic level of everything (including all matter) there’s an invisible, indivisible and infinite field, the quantum field, which contains all possible realities and which links everything together. The quantum field responds directly to consciousness, including human thoughts, feelings, expectations and intentions, so one might theorize that the quantum field itself is, in fact, consciousness.” But as you can see, that’s really just another way of saying “everything is consciousness”).

The Final Frontier Is BOTH Outer Space AND Inner Space

The fact is that quantum mechanics has changed everything for us … most of us just haven’t realized it yet.

“Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it.”
~ Niels Henrik David Bohr (1885-1962), Danish physicist who got the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1922 for his contributions to modern understandings of atomic structure and quantum mechanics

But that’s probably the way it must be when we shift an entire paradigm – since we’re currently in the midst of this monumental paradigm shift, and not out of the shift yet, we’re still not able to fully perceive it.

The way we understand ourselves, the world, the universe and everything is changing – totally, utterly, radically:

“The 1925 discovery of quantum mechanics solved the problem of the Universe’s nature. Bright physicists were again led to believe the unbelievable — this time, that the Universe is mental. According to Sir James Jeans: “the stream of knowledge is heading towards a non-mechanical reality; the Universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine.” (…) The world is quantum mechanical: we must learn to perceive it as such. One benefit of switching humanity to a correct perception of the world is the resulting joy of discovering the mental nature of the Universe. (…) The Universe is immaterial — mental and spiritual. Live, and enjoy.”
~ Richard Conn Henry, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Johns Hopkins University, Maryland (from The Mental Universe)

Again, the above quote is from a text written by a highly distinguished Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Johns Hopkins University, USA.

So the final frontier is BOTH outer space AND the inner space of consciousness. How cool is that?

YOU Can Explore the Final Frontier

It is, in fact, really, really cool, because it means that we don’t need money, spaceships or even crews, to explore the final frontier.

We can do it ourselves. Anytime, anywhere. All on our own, or as a couple, or with a professional helper, or with a crew of likeminded friends. However, whenever we want.

YOU can explore the final frontier, whenever YOU want!

The so-called Mystic Mountain in the Carina Nebula, photographed by NASA

And if you ask me you certainly should. Being an explorer of the final frontier myself, I thoroughly recommend it.

It’s not even that hard. Or difficult. I myself have done it many times.

A true consciousness hero like psychologist Stanislav Grof had participated in or facilitated more than 40,000 inner journeys by the turn of the millennium when he wrote his wonderful book Psychology of the Future. Since then the number has probably gone up quite a bit. That’s a lot of inner journeys!

But we don’t have to be heroes to do it.

It actually isn’t that difficult. Well, okay, at first maybe. But that’s just because it’s something we’re not used to doing. Yet.

As with everything else practice makes the master.

The primary thing you need to be able to do is close your eyes, relax and let go (open up your consciousness) – without falling asleep.

So, basically anyone can do it.


Why Would We Want to Explore the Final Frontier?

I’m tempted to say: because it’s fun, fantastical, educational and an experience of total freedom, but that’s just me – I like fun, I like to be amazed, I like learning new things and I love to feel free.

I’m also tempted to say that inner space exploration via some form of inner journeys is one of the most basic and primary things we can do in life alchemy (a.k.a. conscious life(style) design). You can do life alchemy without going on inner journeys, sure, but for me that’s very nearly unthinkable. I would miss the never ending wonder and awe, not to mention the fun, the fascinating challenges and the first-hand learning experiences that are so integral to inner journeys. Life alchemy just wouldn’t be the same without inner journeys.

Inner journeys can also be healing experiences, in fact they very often are, because most of us have so many old wounds to heal and areas where we’re contracted and closed off where we really need to open up. It’s all part of being human and growing up in a none-too-conscious world.

To put it differently, inner journeys can lead to, for example:

• Amazing insights
• Incredible experiences
• Tons of fun
• Feelings of unconditional love and bliss
• Healing (both physical, emotional, psychological and energetic healing)

But inner journeys are more than that, much more. They can, in fact, be pretty much anything you care to mention. The most basic and important thing that inner journeys may lead to, however, is this:

• Coming Home.

Yes, that’s Home with at capital H.

– Have you ever wondered why the heck we’re here?
– Have you ever wanted your life to make sense?
– Have you ever wanted to experience true meaning?
– Have you ever wanted to know who you really are?

Well, that’s what coming Home is. It’s the answer, so to speak. Maybe not quite the answer to life, the universe and everything in general, but certainly the answer to your life, your universe and your everything.

Some have said that coming Home is experiencing your soul, and perhaps it is. Regardless of whether you can relate to the word ‘soul’ the experience of Home is the experience of who we really are – our core, our basic and authentic identity. Which, incidentally, is not some small thing inside our hearts or brains, but rather a much bigger, more spacious, accepting and loving version of ourselves than the ‘I’ that we normally identify with.

(Yes, we all have an even bigger identity than that, we may even have several of them, because ultimately we’re all one and the same (as in ‘everything is one’ or ‘we’re consciousness and everything is consciousness’), which is ALSO something you can experience on inner journeys, but Home is the most expanded identity we have which is still a clear-cut individual consciousness that can function in a physical body).

In short: For me Home is the REAL ‘me’, and when you experience Home yourself, you’ll no doubt realize that it’s the real you.

“The inner journey is many things. It is a journey of adventure and discovery; a journey of maturation and completeness; a journey of truth and authenticity; a journey of love, devotion, passion, and union; a journey of compassion, giving, and service. It is a journey of realization of the nature of soul and reality; a journey of insight and learning; a journey of fulfillment of life and human potential; a journey of liberation from suffering and limitation; and a journey of inner freedom. Yet, all these reflect one thing, and only one thing. For the journey is essentially a journey home, to our original primordial ground and source.”
~ A. H. Almaas, theorist, mystic, teacher and author (from “Inner Journey Home – Soul’s Realization of the Unity of Reality“, p. 481)

So. Does it sound like this might be worth a try (or even a number or tries)?

It should, because it most assuredly is!

The Andromeda galaxy photographed in infrared by NASA and ESA


Things to Consider When Exploring the Final Frontier

Experience has taught me a few things about inner space exploration, though, that might be worth considering, and that’s the second reason why I’m writing this article. (The first reason was to point out that “the Final Frontier” is BOTH outer space AND the inner space of consciousness).

So I’m going to present you with a number of things that personal experience has taught me are worthwhile to consider when you’re about to become a consciousness explorer (or, as it is sometimes called: a psychonaut , which basically means ‘navigator of spirit/soul/mind’).

You Can Do It: You Can Successfully Explore Inner Space

Everybody, including you, can be an explorer of consciousness; all it takes is a decision to do it, a wee bit of knowledge and maybe the aid of a good technique or helper (or both). See below for a list of suggested techniques.

“When we begin to experience consciousness directly, a whole new world opens up. Rather than the normal sense that we are seeing the world as an external object, we begin to perceive the universe from within. The inner journey becomes a journey of discovery that opens us to magnificent, exhilarating inner experiences and perceptions, but also brings our knowledge of the world and of existence into a sharp, clear focus. Inner explorers travel to a world much more exciting and thrilling, much more beautiful and meaningful, much more satisfying and fulfilling, much more amazing and magnificent than any outer explorer will ever behold.”
~ A. H. Almaas (from: “Inner Journey Home – Soul’s Realization of the Unity of Reality”, p. 31)

Below are the headlines, each with a number of sentences to explain them. In time I plan to make some of these headlines a link to a somewhat more in-depth article (and also it’s pretty likely that I’ll add more headlines and articles over time). I do suggest that you read all of the following, though, without jumping on to any links you may encounter on the way. The links can wait till later, when you’ve read (or at least skimmed) the entirety of this page and gotten yourself a helicopter view of the subject.


• There’s Nothing Dangerous about Inner Journeys – IF You Know What You’re Doing and/or You’re Getting Good Help

“Space is big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mindbogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it’s a long way down the road to the chemist’s, but that’s just peanuts to space.”
~ Douglas Adams, English humorist & science fiction novelist (1952 – 2001) (from “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy“)

Yep. There are solar systems, and galaxies, and galaxies of galaxies (galaxy clusters) and even
galaxies of galaxies of galaxies (superclusters). And that’s just outer space.

The inner space of consciousness is even, further, way, way, waaaay more mindbogglingly bigger than that, because hey, the inner space of consciousness actually contains all of outer space in its inner pocket.

In addition to that of course, the inner space of consciousness contains all the content of your personal consciousness, as well as all the content of every living and seemingly non-living thing everywhere that ever has or ever will exist, plus a lot more than that which we humans can’t even begin to relate to. So … it’s pretty big.


• Your Body = Your Anchor

Naked female, woman, sitting in darkness surrounded by sparkly gold flecks

BUT! You should know that your physical body is your anchor to the here-and-now, and your will and intention is the alpha and omega on inner journeys. You can rely on that:

Anytime you want you can just will yourself back to your body in the physical here-and-now, and there you are.

Also, in the inner space of consciousness you realize the true power of your free will. Your intention has tremendous power over your experience, and whatever you choose and intend happens with almost zero delay.

It’s pretty cool, really.

If you don’t remember anything else, please do remember that you have your physical body and the power of your free will.


• Good Sense Will Keep You Safe from Nasty Stuff

Another thing well worth remembering is that not everything is pink fluffy clouds and smells of roses. On Earth there are nasty, ugly things in the sea, on land and among humans … well, exactly the same is true inside your own consciousness and in the vast space of consciousness in general – and that’s okay. Acceptance is the way to go. With a pinch of good sense added to it, because hey, foolishly stupid behavior will get you in trouble pretty much anywhere. And if you ever encounter something really, truly nasty, simply use your free will to say “no” to it and move away.


• HOW to Explore The Final Frontier of Consciousness
via Inner Journeys

You don’t have to have a Near-Death-Experience to go exploring The Final Frontier. There are many excellent self improvement techniques that will work just fine for going on inner journeys, no near-death required.

From Stanislav Grof’s “Holothropic Breathwork” to “The Deva Method” by Rachel Kaufmann and Rick Phillips, to Brandon Bays’ “The Journey”, to Bruce Moen’s consciousness phasing to my own (Soren Lauritzen’s) “The Let Go Method“, to using entheogens like mushrooms, cacti and ayahuasca.

All these techniques and many more can be used; they’re all different, and yet they all share certain key elements, the most important of which is simply the opening of your consciousness to bigger things and new experiences. In the end that’s what it’s all about. Opening up, letting things happen and experiencing. Preferably in a playful manner that enables fast and easy healing and learning.


• Entheogens = Experiencing the Divine Within

Okay, so I just mentioned entheogens like mushrooms, ayahuasca and cacti above. Entheogens deserve special mention because they happen to be the most powerful method for inner exploration available.

And make no mistake: using entheogens is a perfectly valid method for exploring inner space. Shamans, mystics and others have been doing it for many millennia, which was how I myself learned about this powerful self improvement technique. An old Scandinavian shaman taught me.

However, ever since the wild 1960s and early 1970s restrictive laws have been passed in many countries, making several entheogens more or less illegal and harder to come by, and also making mainstream society frown upon the use of this age-old method for self exploration.

Things are changing right now, however. Big time!

Entheogens are in the process of being vetted by the mainstream medical society – because of the many benefits for mental health and healing they offer. Yep, it’s true. Medical doctors in many countries are doing officially sanctioned experiments with psilocybin (the active ingredient in mushrooms), mescaline (the active ingredient in certain cacti), LSD (a well-known semi-organic psychedelic compound), MDMA (a.k.a. ecstacy) and other entheogens.

It’s funny how the tides turn, isn’t it?


• Before You Go (on Inner Journeys) …

Regardless of the method (or methods) you decide to try, there are certain things you’ll want to consider first. By far the most important of these is this: your beliefs (and assumptions). The thing is, your beliefs and assumptions are a most powerful filter on your experiences, meaning that if you hold a strong belief about something you are highly unlikely to allow yourself to experience something that does not conform to that belief.

Therefore, before you go on any kind of inner journeys (indeed before you do any serious consciousness-related work, including therapy) I strongly urge you to do what I call a pre-flight check of your beliefs and assumptions.

Please take a particularly hard look at any and all beliefs and assumptions you have regarding yourself (who you are), life, reality and consciousness … plus of course the very notions of inner journeys, exploring consciousness, (therapy), curiosity, playfulness and healing.

Be neutral in your assessment of your beliefs and assumptions while you write them down or otherwise record them.

Only once you’ve uncovered all of them as they actually are do you get to evaluate them, using two very simple questions: “Is this belief or assumption potentially limiting?” and “Do I choose to keep this limitation or change it?” (HINT: The trick is to open up and let go of as many limitations as you can!)


• Read a Few Good Books

I also suggest you read a few books before you begin. Most books by Stanislav Grof will do, even if they are rather scientific and not-so-easy to read (but deeply fascinating none the less). For a somewhat less scientific approach (though still not that easy to read) try A. H. Almaas, e.g. “Spacecruiser Inquiry” or “Inner Journey Home”. For an easy and enjoyable read try Bruce Moen’s series of books called Exploring the Afterlife.


• Other Things that Are Good to Know about Inner Journeys

The subject of consciousness is huge, and so is the subject of exploring consciousness. I have more tips and tricks that I want give you, including e.g. the experience of ego-death (a very healthy thing), enlisting the help of your higher self (yes, there is such a thing and it’s extremely useful), the fact that our consciousness is multi-layered and, well I guess we may as well call it multi-dimentional, and the fact that an automatic movement towards wholeness (and thus healing) seems to pervade everything to do with consciousness. All of these subjects are worthy of mention, but not here and now. Later.


• The Key = Your Free Will

And finally, always remember that your have free will so that you can choose. In inner space your will and intention tend to produce results almost without delay. In other words, in the vastness of inner space YOU are in charge:

Your will be done.

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